Our Products
Random Technologies Corporation strives for the highest quality in the hardware and software we sell. Because we are staffed by engineers rather than sales people, we choose the products we sell based on performance and reliability, rather than price and profit.

File Servers
Our design goal for server hardware is to provide enhanced stability and robustness and to create the best price / performance ratio. (More details)

Our servers feature:
Dual, Quad, or Eight Way Intel XEON Configurations.
Ample Amounts of RAM from 1 to 16Gb
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) for Fault Tolerance.
Extremely fast 15K RPM U320 SCSI Hard Drives
Super Server Cases which feature up to 16 Instrumented Cooling Fans
Dual or 3-way Redundant Load Balancing power supplies.

Our workstations, like our servers, have many features that make them both more powerful and more reliable. Again, we use only high-end system boards and genuine Intel processors. Our workstations all have ample memory and top of the line video adapters to ensure that they will be adequately powered for some time to come.

Software Solutions
We offer a huge variety of software solutions to fit your needs.
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